Welcome to the Black Box Photo Studio Store! This store is here to help you view and purchase your photos with ease. With the store new products are being added frequently and you will always get professional quality. When each image is printed it will easily turn into the perfect art piece for your home. A few things that will help guide you through this process are paper types, processing times, color Calibration and ordering.

Paper types- For regular prints you have two paper types to choose from Matte or Lustre. Matte is a no-gloss flat paper. Matte doesn't show fingerprints and it looks more like a painted picture. Lustre is a semi-gloss paper that glistens in the light. Both papers are archival papers and will hold up extremely well. Albums and other special products will have their paper types in their discriptions.

Processing times: Each product has a different processing time. Regular prints are processed in 3-4 days, albums and other photo products will take longer to process.

Color Calibration- Color calibration is one of the most important parts of printing. My computer screen is calibrated with my printer. I cannot guarantee that the pictures will turn out the way they are meant to at another printing press (walmart, wallgreens, costco, etc.). For that reason I strongly suggest getting at least one print through me. I have spent so much time editing and making these images what they are, as a professional I want to make sure you get the highest quality and that your photos are shown properly. You wouldn't go to king soopers for your wedding cake, would you? Sure they could get the job done but to the quality you would expect or want?

Ordering- If at any time you are having a problem understanding how to order you can reach me by clicking on the contact page. When ordering you pick the photo you want, then choose the size, paper type, and then add to your cart. If you are wanting a package you can add a package by going to the top menu bar and click on the package you are wanting, then click add to your cart, and add the photos you are wanting.

I hope everything you could want or need with your new images is on this site. I'm constantly trying to find ways to please my customers so if you have any suggestion please let me know. Thank you!